Ysgellog, Anglesey



We developed and operate the two award-winning wind turbines at Ysgellog Farm.  All project news and details are on this website.

We are proposing two new wind turbines on the site next door, at Bodewryd Farm.  For more information on that project, go to the project website www.ysgellog2-wind.co.uk

Ffarm Ysgellog:

Site name:Ysgellog Farm
Site location:Anglesey, Wales
Turbine height:92.5m
No. of turbines:2
Rated power per turbine:2.3MW
Approximate installed capacity:4.6MW
Turbine Type: Enercon E70
Approximate number of homes served1:3,100
Community benefit fund:£13,800 per year
Planning Authority:Isle of Anglesey County Council
Status:Operational as of March 2013


[1] From estimated wind speed data and DECC statistics of average UK domestic electricity consumption

Our calculations explained


Proud Winners of the 2013 Wales Green Energy Awards for "Outstanding Green Energy Project"